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VPN Services with Service Level Guarantee (SLG)

The package entails the provision of consultation, project management and after sales support for a managed virtual private network service. This service is based on VERVE IPVPN, where bundled with our WAN troubleshooting services. This package was develop upon realizing that a lot of small and medium size enterprise with nationwide branches do not have the capacity to hire technician staff to troubleshoot IT problems at their branches.

As such, our value proposition for this package is, customer outsourced the network portion for us to manage. We will monitor customers' network for any outage and engage the necessary action to troubleshoot within the agreed Service Level Guarantee (SLG)

The Service Level Guarantee can be customized according to customer requirement

Voice Access Service

This service entails the provisioning of VOIP service within the customer WAN. This is possible upon commissioning of customer Managed VPN Service. This service is basically to leverage on the VPN service, instead of just data communication it enables voice communication between site.

With this service, customer telephone call charges, between sites, will be zero. Customers telephone call to other sites within their WAN, will be like extension calls. Calls to outstation vendors or suppliers will be charge on a local call charge rate. This is possible by the extension call to the nearest site where the vendors are located.

Our Clients

We have the privilege of working with well known companies in Malaysia and we don't take this lightly. Our service offerings are designed to help our clients to generate revenue, reduce costs and access the information necessary to operate their business on a timely basis. At Verve Consulting, every project regardless of scale and size deserve our complete support, through our comprehensive skills and expertise and after sales programs to benefit our customer.












Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

Verve - VSAT Overview
Satellites are one of the most incredible inventions of the 20th century, but what they can do for us today is even more amazing. Verve Very Small Aperture Terminal (VERVE VSAT) is a technology that uses satellite communications for the means if communicating. The satellite signal can either carry voice, data and video securely and effectively. This will compliment the existing network, i.e. communication to unreachable areas by terrestrial lines.

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Enterprise Resource Planning Package

I-BIZ - an online supply chain management software running on Microsoft Windows platform based on client-server architecture. Designed specifically for small and medium businesses. It includes account receivables,, account payables, cashbook, general ledger, sales and purchase order processing, inventory controls. Developed using Microsoft Visual Basic and its supports major ODBC - complaint databases as its database engine

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